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We are committed to meeting the long-term needs of our investors and are at the forefront of the transformations shaping the future of investing. Our new ETF platform gives investors greater access to the AXA IM expertise they trust, in the format of thei

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Why ETFs?

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) have seen enormous growth in the past 20 years due to a popular combination of:

  • The same all-in-one diversification offered by mutual funds
  • With the ease of trading like stocks
  • Full visibility of the underlying holdings

Traditionally passive investments, today’s ETFs have evolved to offer investors access to a much wider range of investment strategies, including an increasing number of actively managed funds.

Why AXA IM for ETFs?

Combining expertise

Our ETF platform brings together:

The extensive investment experience of our multi-disciplined portfolio management teams.
ETF expertise through our dedicated in-house Capital Markets and Structured Asset Management teams

Accessing future-focused solutions

We believe the challenges and opportunities facing investors – and the world – demand solutions designed with the future in mind.

We have an established history of product innovation that does just that, with solutions that allow investors to benefit from themes ranging from climate change to the consumer digital revolution.

Benefitting from an ETF format

  • Easy access: readily traded on stock exchanges
  • Liquidity: priced in real time and can be bought and sold throughout the day
  • Transparency: portfolio holdings disclosed every day

Our capabilities

AXA IM’s ETF platform provides the potential to leverage the full spectrum of AXA IM’s investment capabilities in an easily tradable and transparent format.

AXA IM ETFs offer easy access to our key strengths as well as the opportunity to further enhance our investment offering as economies, markets and client needs evolve. 

Please note that currently there are no ETF funds registered for sale in the UK and ETF offering is not available for the investors located in the UK.